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Vardenafil is a ground-breaking medication men and women are using to make significant improvements in their sex lives and relationships. This medication first hit the market in 2003 under the brand name Levitra when Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Incorporated in the USA received FDA approval. In October 2018, the Levitra patent expired and generic versions of the medication became available. All generic vardenafil medications are exclusively available from online pharmacies prescription free and accessible 24/7.

The effort it takes to get effective medications and treatments to improve sexual health is minimal when people use online pharmacies to order. Internet pharmacies make it easier to find and order any type of generic version without hassle. Many choose online pharmacies to get access to a private service providing a catalogue of affordable prescription-free options customers trust. 

Online pharmacies give people more time to live life and less time worrying about issues in the bedroom. If you are interested in learning more about the most effective sexual dysfunction treatments and lifestyle choices that can help, continue reading to find out everything you need to know. To make the process seamless, we also show you how to buy vardenafil online in complete privacy. 

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What is Vardenafil Used for?

The primary role of vardenafil is to help manage and treat erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to develop and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. Various physical risk factors are known to cause this condition including Hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol), metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular disease. Common psychological conditions like depression, stress and performance anxiety are also known to cause impotence issues. 

Although the initial cause of erectile dysfunction is different for every man, the most common link all cases have in common is poor blood flow. According to recent statistics, the estimated number of men experiencing symptoms of this condition globally, is 322 million. With such a high prevalence, it is clear why getting effective treatment is essential. Although there are different medications and treatment options available at the local pharmacy, the rising erectile dysfunction statistics suggest that most are ineffective. 

Fortunately, this medication works in the same way as Levitra to widen blood vessels and enhance blood flow to the sexual organs. While researching the effects of this medication, experts discovered that vardenafil is beneficial for women suffering from 3 of the 4 main types of female sexual dysfunction, Dyspareunia, Anorgasmia and female sexual arousal disorder.

Can A Woman Take Vardenafil?

Yes, women can use vardenafil to experience vast improvements in blood circulation and general health and well-being. Clinical trials into how this active ingredient increases blood flow are recognized to effectively treat 3 of the 4 main types of Female sexual dysfunctions. These conditions are generally caused by an underlying health condition, hormonal imbalance or poor lifestyle choices.

Vardenafil is safe for treating dyspareunia, which is a condition defined as experiencing persistent or recurring genital pain during and after sex. This medication also relieves female sexual arousal disorder, which happens when a woman has limited response to sexual stimulation and has problems becoming aroused. The third condition Vardenafil treats is anorgasmia, which is the inability or difficulty to achieve orgasm during sexual stimulation and intercourse.

Remember, although this medication is not an aphrodisiac, it is an effective treatment that improves sexual function by improving blood flow. Women can enjoy the benefits of a healthy sex life without experiencing unwanted pain or dissatisfaction towards sexual encounters. Great ways for women and men to enhance the benefits of Vardenafil is to maintain healthy nutrition and hydration as well as doing regular stretches and aerobic exercise.

Is Vardenafil the Same as Levitra?

Yes, vardenafil is the same because it is the name of the active ingredient contained in Levitra. Generic vardenafil products are tested, trialled and developed following the same procedures as patent brands. The FDA use the generic drugs program to determine if the generic version matches the approval requirements of safety, efficacy, strength, dose and quality. The tests are conducted because to gain approval, generic medications must be identical to patent brands. 

Test results confirm that the generic type of this active ingredient function just like Levitra and provides effective relief in the same way. Besides the name and cost, patients can expect the same results and low risks when using generic vardenafil. In terms of accessibility and availability, these two aspects are also different and part of why most prefer generic medications over branded counterparts.

All generic medications sold online are available in a selection of prescription-free types, formulas and dose strengths. Rather than setting appointments with a doctor and getting prescriptions, this type of medication is accessible from the privacy of the home. The ability to experience the benefits of vardenafil while relaxing at home and saving money is a great way of tackling sexual dysfunction without the stress of personal interactions. 

How to Use Vardenafil?

Regardless of what type of vardenafil people use, following the usage and dosage instructions provides the best results. Although there are different formulations and types available, the dosage strength and activation time are the only differences. For patients using tablets and pills, the recommended time to take one dose is 30 – 60 minutes before planned intercourse. The action of effects reaches full potency within 30 – 60 minutes to help form a solid erection.

When using other faster-acting variations like soft jellies, water-soluble tablets or chews, the onset actions take effect in as little as 15 – 20 minutes. No matter what type of formula users decide to take, patients should take one dose with water on an empty stomach or with food. If you are taking vardenafil with food, choose a low-fat snack option rather than heavy meals as these foods are known to delay the activation times.

Whether the type of this medication requires water or not for effective consumption, maintaining healthy hydration is important. Using this medication responsibly gives men and women the best chance of achieving great results. If people want more information about using vardenafil effectively, each medication has a dedicated product page outlining all the specific details. 

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How Vardenafil Works

Vardenafil is an active ingredient responsible for inhibiting the degrading action of the phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE 5) enzyme to increase blood flow to erectile tissue. As part of the PDE -5 inhibitors class, vardenafil works during stimulation by activating nitric oxide to start producing and circulating the cGMP chemical. cGMP, according to studies is the vasodilating chemical known to relax smooth muscles and expand blood vessels.

As stimulation continues, more cGMP circulates and as chemical volumes increase, high levels of blood fill the relaxed erectile muscles to form an erection. At full capacity, vardenafil helps men achieve and maintain a strong and healthy erection by continuously retaining blood in the penis while engaging in foreplay and sex.

Along with a recommended course of vardenafil, applying simple lifestyle adjustments makes improving blood flow and sexual performance easier. Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is related to poor muscle strength so practising Pilates, yoga or pelvic floor stretches can help overcome symptoms. Water is an important necessity, we need to stay healthy and drinking at least 2L a day helps improve blood flow and maintain good general health. 

How Long Does Vardenafil Last?

When taking vardenafil as directed, the onset actions occur between 15 – 60 minutes depending on the formulation. After administering one dose by mouth, the active ingredient takes up to an hour to reach maximum concentration and is most effective for the first 4 – 6 hours. Vardenafil is ten times more biochemically potent than sildenafil-based medications, so users can use a lower dose to achieve maximum efficiency. 

Although this active ingredient is most potent for 4 – 6 hours, the ingredients stay active for up to 24 hours. Due to the lasting effects of this type of medication, patients can achieve an erection at various times for up to 24 hours. The effects of this medication allow men to build confidence in the bedroom knowing they can engage in sexual activities and perform at their best. 

The vardenafil reviews show that many who have used this medication mention they are noticing a vast improvement in their long-term relationships and social interactions. If patients using this medication feel that the effects are ineffective, avoid taking another dose. Patients are advised to wait 24 hours for the active ingredients to dissipate before speaking to a doctor about changing the course of treatment. 

Can You Buy Vardenafil Over the Counter?

Yes, people can buy vardenafil-based medications over the counter, however, in most countries, they are only available in reduced dosage strengths. A significant difference between generic and patented medications is the price per pill because, unlike Levitra, generic versions are manufactured at a reduced cost. 

Customers can expect to pay up to 10 times less per pill to enable them to order bulk supplies to help shoppers save money. In most cases, the options available otc is only sold in reduced dosages which are too weak and ineffective for more persistent ED symptoms. Anyone needing a standard or higher dose need to make appointments for prescriptions, which is time-consuming, often embarrassing and out of most peoples budget. 

The medication industry has advanced significantly over the past decade and together with generic medications gives more people access to affordable, high-quality options. Online pharmacies provide unrestricted access to a wide range of prescription-free medications without the inconvenience of appointments, inflated costs and prescriptions. Although this medication is available over the counter, most people choose online pharmacies to buy vardenafil in their time of need.

Why More People Buy Vardenafil Online?

When choosing to buy vardenafil online, customers will start reaping the benefits the second they arrive on our homepage. Shoppers using our website are fully protected against rouge traders selling inferior medication with the latest 128-bit encryption software and secure payment options including cryptocurrency and major credit cards. Finding these medications from the list of medications we supply is simple and done in a just few clicks.

The product page for each medication highlights all the details clients need and a reviews section customers use to rate our services. Additional benefits online shoppers get when choosing to buy vardenafil online is access to a wide selection of dose strengths and types available without prescriptions or consultations. 

Saving money is a given when customers use our bulk ordering program to purchase larger quantities for those needing a weekly, monthly or quarterly supply. Whether people need a short supply to add spice to their relationship or bulk quantities for around-the-clock relief, using vardenafil is an ideal choice. While saving time and money, shoppers also receive discreet home delivery within 4 days and access to around-the-clock customer support, even after taking delivery.

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How to Buy Vardenafil Online?

More and more people are utilizing the benefits of the internet to buy vardenafil online to save time and their sex life. To join the millions of others enjoying a great sex life, place your order from our home page by selecting the medication type and quantity. Proceed to the checkout once you have made your selection and enter your details including an email ID, delivery address and phone number. 

When your details are submitted, you can proceed to the payments menu and select MasterCard, VISA or Bitcoin (BTC) to make a secure payment. After making a payment, check your email to find a confirmation of your purchase, the inconspicuous descriptor name indicated on your statement and the estimated delivery date.

Our distribution team ensures medications arrive to customers safely and discreetly by packing them into plainly labelled parcels before dispatching them for shipping. Our business partners with a trustworthy delivery service that delivers packages within 4 – 7 business days in France and 5 – 7 days in the EU. Customer support is available in real-time 24/7 to handle all enquires and answer any questions by email, live chat or phone.

Buy Vardenafil prescription-free today right here at kamagra-eu.com and start enjoying the benefits of a great sex life. 

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