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Addyi 100 mg is a cutting edge treatment women use to improve their sex life and performance. This medication was first approved for medical use by the Food and Drugs Administration in 2015 and has become the market leading female sexual dysfunction medication. This is a flibanserin based medication available in bulk quantities at everyday low prices online. The popularity of the internet allows our business to provide full client access to affordable, prescription free medications in total comfort. 

The internet seems to be the gift that keeps giving, as more and more women are using online pharmacies to buy Addyi 100 mg. Women can buy Addyi 100 mg at any time online without the bother of face to face consultations and regular prescriptions. Customers also have access to more details about what the condition is and how to alleviate symptoms effectively. 

If you are keen to know more about the most popular female sexual dysfunction treatments and the lifestyle adjustments that help, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find all the details you need to know before we show you how to buy Addyi 100 mg using our services in complete privacy.

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What is Addyi 100 mg Used for?

Female sexual dysfunction is categorized into 4 main types that are estimated to affect more than 40% of women across the world. These conditions are anorgasmia, which is defined as the inability of a woman to achieve orgasms before and during sexual activities. Dyspareunia is recognized as a woman suffering increasing levels of genital pain during and after sexual intercourse. 

Sexual arousal disorder is described as a womans consistent disinterest in sexual activities in response to physical and psychological stimulation. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is known as a decrease or lack of sex drive persisting for 6 months or longer. Unlike anorgasmia, dyspareunia and sexual arousal disorder which is linked to poor blood flow, Addyi 100 mg works to target chemicals in the brain. 

Although there are 4 different types of female sexual dysfunction, Addyi 100 mg is indicated to target and alleviate hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder alone is estimated to affect almost 39% of women worldwide and causes a womans sex drive to decrease and leads to a lack of desire and interest in sexual activities. Women using a course of Addyi 100 mg and using simple stretches and dietary recommendations help women reignite their desire toward sexual activities.

Can A Man Take Addyi 100 mg?

No, this medication is developed to help women target and treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder and should not be taken by men. The flibanserin in Addyi 100 mg helps a woman increase sex drive when it is not caused by underlying health issues, relationship issues or the use of other medications. Furthermore, Addyi 100 mg is not indicated to be effective for women who have already gone through menopause.

For men suffering from sexual health issues, there is a selection of medications and treatment options they can use to alleviate erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Men can use medications contains sildenafil citrate, tadalafil hydrochloride, vardenafil hydrochloride for erectile dysfunction and dapoxetine hydrochloride for premature ejaculation issues.

On our website, we cater to womens and mens sexual health issues. We supply a selection of medications including kamagra 100 mg and Cenforce 150 as well as dual action medications like super kamagra. The supply of medications we stock on our website are available at any time and used to help men and women restore and enhance sexual satisfaction, health and function. 

How to Use Addyi 100 mg

When using Addyi 100 mg following the dosage guide, patients get the best results. This medication is best taken once per day for at least 4 weeks. When taking a dose, consume the tablet with water on an empty stomach or with a small, low fat meal. When administering Addyi 100 mg, swallow the tablet in full form without dividing, chewing or crushing it to avoid a bitter aftertaste.

The onset actions of this medication generally take up to 4 weeks to reach full potency and taking one dose at night just before bed is recommended. Women deciding to buy Addyi 100 mg are advised to implement a scheduled consumption routine to regulate safe daily intake. After approximately 28 days of daily consumption, Addyi 100 mg can last for up to 18 months and allows patients to achieve around the clock relief.

Women experiencing low sex drive can use a course of Addyi 100 mg as directed to effectively manage acute to chronic symptoms. Do not take more than one dose in 24 hours as doing so amplifies risks associated with intentional overdose. If this medication is proving ineffective, wait 24 hours for the ingredients to dissipate and speak with a doctor to find a solution.

How Addyi 100 mg Works

The active flibanserin in Addyi 100 mg follows a mechanism of action that affects the actions of specific chemicals in the brain. Addyi 100 mg belongs to a group of multifunctional serotonin agonists and functions to correct the imbalances between serotonin and dopamine. This medication achieves this by acting on the brain and central nervous system to lower serotonin levels while increasing the concentration of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Clinical trials reveal that increased levels of serotonin cause a reduction in dopamine which can result in lowered sex drive. In turn, Addyi 100 mg works to lower the activity and concentration of serotonin while elevating the activity of dopamine and norepinephrine. The actions of this medication work to help women enhance their sex drive, improve stimulation response and help them enjoy their desires during sexual encounters. 

Along with a course of medication, following simple strategies known to help increase sex drive will make overcoming symptoms easier. Speaking to a sex therapist is an effective way of learning more about the condition to find more solutions. Staying active with 30 minutes of aerobic exercises or mind and body therapies like meditation and yoga can help increase libido and sexual desires.

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Is Addyi 100 mg Safe to Take?

Yes, Addyi 100 mg is safe for the vast majority of women experiencing hypoactive sexual desire disorder when used as directed. The Food and Drugs Administration test flibanserin by reviewing its safety, reliability, quality, dosage and strength to ensure efficacy outweighs risk. Results from the tests confirm that the way this medication works safely in the body to improve low sex drive in women.

In some cases, addyi 100 mg may not be safe for those with underlying health issues or using other medications. Speak to a doctor before taking Addyi 100 mg if you are using central nervous system depressants, oral contraceptives or antiviral medications to avoid negative interactions. Do not take this medication if you suffer allergies to flibanserin to prevent experiencing breathing issues, hives or swelling.

Although the professional information and advice we provide regarding the safety of Addyi 100 mg is trustworthy and approved, it should not be put in place of a medical professional. Speak with a doctor or other relevant medical professional if patients require more information about the safety of Addyi 100 mg. 

What Are the Addyi 100 mg Side Effects?

The reported side effects associated with Addyi 100 mg are mild and typically only occur as a result of improper use or incorrect dosage strength. Following the dosage and usage instructions is the assured way of getting good results without harm. The mild side effects cause little or no harm to patients and generally pass within 24 hours without medical assistance.

The mild side effects associated with Addyi 100 mg include, but are not limited to:

  • Syncope
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

To make sure Addyi 100 mg is safe to use, we recommend that new users and the elderly should confirm their suitability with a doctor. Although highly unlikely, if adverse side effects occur, patients should cease treatment immediately and contact medical assistance if issues persist. Drinking water and resting in a low light area help lessen side effects. Patients are encouraged to read the patient information leaflet on the product page to get more details about safe use and the full list of side effects. 

Can You Buy Addyi 100 mg Over the Counter?

Yes, people can get this medication over the counter in most countries on a prescription. The limited selection of flibanserin based products sold over the counter is supplied in quantities of 4 – 6 tablets that only contain half a standard dosage and are usually not effective. To get the best out of flibanserin based medication, larger quantities are needed yet most doctors are reluctant to prescribe more than a few days supply. 

Along with needing regular appointments and embarrassing face to face encounters, prescription only flibanserin medications are also too expensive. In general, people know how important maintaining healthy sexual function is for overall quality of life. When troubles arise in a persons sex life, getting the right treatment is crucial. Although over the counter medication may work, the inconveniences of getting them often deter women from getting treatment.

Women should have the opportunity to treat sexual dysfunction issues confidently but the options available over the counter limit benefits to the few who can afford them. Fortunately, the solution more women have been waiting for is here. Online pharmacies offer the same if not better options from the comforts of their home.

Why More Women Buy Addyi 100 mg Online?

Using the internet to buy Addyi 100 mg online is proving to be the first choice for more women as they discover the countless benefits they receive. Privacy and client security are maintained using measures our business implements to protect clients information and identity including 128 bit encryption technology and secure payment options. Women feel confident about getting treatment because they not only have instant access but also get accurate information about making the treatment process easier.

Placing an order takes but a few minutes, which is made easier with the guided prompts customer get throughout the selection process. Instead of taking time only to face potential embarrassment, shoppers can sit back and relax at home and choose bulk quantities of Addyi 100 mg prescription free. In addition, the everyday low prices of Addyi 100 mg help customers save more money and avoid putting a dent in their wallets.

Our website has removed the negative stigmas affiliated with sexual dysfunction by providing simple, secure and safe space women can use to buy Addyi 100 mg. In just a few clicks, shoppers save money while improving their mental, physical and sexual health from the privacy of their homes before taking delivery within days.

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How to Buy Addyi 100 mg Online?

Making much needed improvements to sexual health is now much easier for women and now that you have been given a complete overview, you can too. Place your order starting from the main page where you can click the product tab to select the amount needed. Continue your order by going to the checkout to provide and submit your email ID, telephone number and delivery address. 

You can complete your transaction using a MasterCard, Bitcoin or VISA to make a secure payment. Upon receiving your funds, our team send you a notification by email outlining the subtle descriptor name shown on your bank statement and confirmation of the payment and delivery date. Orders are arranged, packed and processed for shipping and dispatched within 24 hours.

We partner with a swift and discreet courier service that delivers within 4 – 7 days to France and 5 – 7 days across Europe. We have a team of customer support professionals on standby to provide assistance and answer any questions about orders and enquiries 24/7 via phone, email or live chat notifications. Please note that email enquiries are typically responded to within 24 hours.

Propel your sexual desires to new heights and start looking forward to sex when you buy Addyi 100 mg here at kamagra-eu.com.

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