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Tadalafil hydrochloride is the active substance that was introduced to the market and first sold by the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical company. It was FDA-approved under the trade mark Cialis on November 21, 2003. This type of medication is used to help men and women enhance their sex lives to new levels of passion and intimacy. This medication is available in a selection of formulas including pills, effervescent tablets, chews and gummies for acute to chronic sexual dysfunction. 

Generic tadalafil products are identical to popular brands sold at the local chemist but easier to access from genuine online pharmacies. The generic versions are available prescription free and exclusively sold online at affordable prices. By providing 24-hour access to their services, internet pharmacies can be accessed at any time of the day or night. 

The benefits customer can expect are not limited to the efficacy of the medication, they can also look forward to saving money, effort and time. If you are interested in learning about the most effective treatments including Tadalafil, the lifestyle choices that can help overcome sexual dysfunction and how to buy Tadalafil in complete privacy, then keep reading for all the information you need to know. 

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What is Tadalafil Used for?

The most common sexual dysfunction condition experienced on a global scale is erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. At some point, the general population of men will suffer the inability to develop or sustain a healthy erection before and during sexual intercourse. The estimated prevalence of erectile dysfunction according to studies affects more than half of the population of men worldwide and is generally triggered by various physical and psychological ailments.

Research into the general causes range from physical conditions such as heart and vascular diseases, to high blood pressure or obesity. Psychological triggers that are known to induce impotence are depression caused by performance anxiety or moderate to severe levels of stress. Further studies suggest that although the initial causes are different, they are all related to poor blood flow throughout the body.

People buy tadalafil to relax smooth sexual muscles and increase blood flow to sexual organs when aroused to perform well during intercourse. The potency and efficacy of this medication is indicated as safe for most men to use for treating erectile issues. Further studies reveal that women can use this medication to manage and treat 3 of the 4 main types of female sexual dysfunction. 

Can A Woman Take Tadalafil?

Yes, it is possible for women to benefit from the additional blood flow that tadalafil offers. Maintaining healthy blood circulation is essential for keeping the body and mind performing at their best, both physically and mentally. On the opposite end of the scale, people with poor blood are more prone to sickness, infections and memory loss. Using this medication as directed offers great benefits for women to improve their overall quality of life.

When looking into the effects of poor circulation, clinical studies suggest that 3 of the 4 main types of sexual dysfunctions affecting are caused by this condition. More than 40% of women are estimated to suffer 3 of the 4 FSD conditions at some point during their lifetime. Using a course of tadalafil is recognized as an effective solution. The way this medication works to improve blood flow helps treat anorgasmia, sexual arousal disorder and dyspareunia.

Anorgasmia is characterized as less intense or a persistent inability to attain orgasms. Female sexual arousal disorder is defined as a consistent lack of arousal during sexual encounters. Dyspareunia is consistent pain experienced before, during and after intercourse. Although Tadalafil is not an aphrodisiac it is an effective solution helping women improve sexual health and well-being. 

Is Tadalafil the Same as Cialis?

Yes, tadalafil is identical to Cialis and is the active ingredient in the popular brand medication. Generic medications are manufactured the same way as patented brands and developed following testing protocols established by the FDAs office of generic drugs. The FDA generic drug program trials the safety, dosage, reliability, quality and efficacy to determine if these aspects are identical to the patented medication.

The results of the tests conducted by the FDA confirm that generic Cialis follows the same mechanism of action to improve blood flow. The only factors that are different between the two are the price and availability. Unlike Cialis, generic versions are available in low, standard and higher dose strengths without a prescription. Customers can search for and order online from any location using a laptop or smartphone without going to a doctor or pharmacy.

Although Cialis was one of the market-leading sexual dysfunction medications, once the patent expired and the emergence of internet pharmacies occurred people quickly chose generic tadalafil. These generics offer high-quality results just like Cialis but due to reduced development costs, are cheaper which allows customers to order in bulk.

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How to Use Tadalafil?

The recommended way to use any type of tadalafil is by following the dosage and usage instructions. Be aware that although this medication is available in different formulations, the only noticeable difference is the dose strength and the time of onset effects. When patients use pills and tablets, the active substance takes an average of 30 – 60 minutes to work when taken by mouth an hour before planned sex.

For other formulations like chews, effervescent tablets or jellies, the activation time is around 15 – 20 minutes due to faster absorption. Regardless of what type or formulation patients use, it is best to take one dose with water on either an empty stomach or with recommended foods. Try to avoid taking a dose with dense foods to prevent any delays in onset action. 

Although some formulations do not require water, staying well hydrated is recommended. Using any type of tadalafil as directed helps ensure patients are getting the best results with minimal risks. For more details about how to use these medications safely and simple techniques to enhance their efficacy, each product page outlines all the specifics.

How Tadalafil Works

Tadalafil hydrochloride is an active ingredient that belongs to the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5) medicine group and is responsible for improving blood circulation. When tadalafil activates in the body when sexually stimulated, it works by first inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme and releasing Nitric Oxide from the brain. Once Nitric Oxide is released, this reaction leads to the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which is the vasodilating chemical research shows is responsible for expanding blood vessels.

While cGMP is working to widen blood vessels and relax smooth muscles, this medication continues inhibiting the degradation of cGMP. Increasing cGMP levels store in the penile tissue while also causing increased blood levels to flow and fill the erectile tissues. In general, within the hour, the penile tissue is filled with blood to form an erection.

Studies indicate that the longer users are sexually stimulated, the more cGMP produces to help maintain a solid erection for extended periods. Some easy methods to maximize the effects are staying hydrated, starting with a reduced dose for new users and applying use of a scheduled treatment plan. The action and effects of this medication allow users to not only improve sexual performance, it also helps people maintain a fit bill of health.

How Long Does Tadalafil Last?

Regardless of the type or formulation of tadalafil being used, when taking this medication, the long-lasting effects are active for 24 – 36 hours. Unlike other types of sexual dysfunction medications like sildenafil, tadalafil is used by people looking for a longer-lasting medication they can use to enjoy longer sessions of sexual intercourse. 

Tadalafil is ideal for people wanting to add some spontaneity and excitement to their sex life. Having the opportunity to engage in pleasurable sexual encounters allows couples to build a stronger more intimate long-term relationship. Others often use tadalafil in preparation for a long weekend away, an upcoming anniversary or wanting to engage in sex various times with confidence. 

Patients can expect great results from tadalafil medications when taking them as directed. If the strength of the tadalafil medication being used is not providing the desired result, patients are advised not to take a second dose. First, allow at least 24 hours for the active ingredient to metabolize and then consult with a doctor about adjusting the dose strength or formulation.

Can You Buy Tadalafil Over the Counter?

Yes, customers can buy tadalafil over the counter however the options available are sold in reduced dosages in some countries. People find that over the counter options are effective for a limited number however most feel that they are ineffective and too weak. Branded medications are usually only available in minimal quantities that are generally too expensive and out of most peoples budget.

Are over the counter medications the only option, you ask? No, patients can get tadalafil at the chemist in stronger doses but that is also no easy feat because those options are prescription only. Most of the time, even with a prescription most doctors are reluctant and only supply 4 – 6 pills which only last for a week or so. For the vast majority, getting tadalafil by prescription is an expensive, time-consuming and often embarrassing process most prefer to avoid. 

The process of getting effective sexual dysfunction medications by prescription used to be the only way to get relief. Fortunately, the past decade has seen the creation of genuine online pharmacies and generic pharmaceuticals. People from all corners of the globe have instant access to prescription-free tadalafil online in a selection of dose strengths, types and formulations. 

Why More People Buy Tadalafil Online?

The benefits that tadalafil itself provides give more people the chance to enjoy happier and healthier sex lives. When people decide to find, research and buy tadalafil, they can do so in complete comfort from genuine online pharmacies like us. Rather than facing the hassle of consulting with a doctor and large crowds, customers can find the medication they need in a few clicks.

The medications sold on our website are FDA-approved and sourced from trusted suppliers so customers can be confident about getting effective results. We understand how busy life can get these days and getting the right information is not always a simple task. When people buy tadalafil online, each product page outlines the details of the medication, a reviews section offering first-hand advice and a step-by-step ordering guide.

When people choose to buy tadalafil online, the ordering process is effortless and takes less time than it does to make a coffee. Online shoppers can look forward to saving money when ordering in bulk and for added convenience, they will also get fast home delivery in as little as 4 days. Even after taking delivery, our customer service team are standing by at any time to help.

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How to Buy Tadalafil Online?

As you can see, easy lifestyle changes and taking advantage of tadalafil online are the keys to peak sexual health. To start improving your sex life today you can place your order from our home page. Choose your medication from the products list and the quantity before continuing to the checkout. In the next section, provide your email ID, a valid phone number and current delivery address before following the guided instructions to make your payment.

Shoppers can pay using the secure payment options we provide including Bitcoin for customers using cryptocurrency or VISA and MasterCard. When funds are credited, you receive a confirmation email stating confirmation of payment, estimated delivery date and the inconspicuous descriptor name indicated on your monthly statement. 

Once confirmation is verified, our team promptly wrap orders in discreetly labelled packets before dispatching them for delivery. Our fast and efficient delivery service partners deliver orders in 4 – 7 working days in France and 5 – 7 days in the EU region. By phone, email or live chat, shoppers can contact our customer service team 24/7 if they have questions or enquiries that may have come up along the way. 

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