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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Welcome to our female sexual dysfunction page. Here is where we will explain what anorgasmia, sexual arousal disorder, dyspareunia and hypoactive sexual desire disorder are. As you continue reading, you will find accurate information about the causes and cures as well as the effective lifestyle changes that improve sexual health along with high quality female sexual dysfunction medications.

The first part of the journey starts with explaining what online pharmacies are and why more people are using them to buy female sexual dysfunction medications. Genuine online pharmacies offer a secure, user friendly service offering full access to the best selection of medications and treatment options for female sexual dysfunctions. 

Rather than setting appointments for prescriptions, customers can get the medications they need for unbeatable prices and place an order in complete privacy. To find out everything you need to know, continue reading to see why these common conditions occur and how to combat symptoms effectively. Once you have everything you need to know, we take you step by step to show you how to buy female sexual dysfunction medications privately.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes

There are 4 main types of female sexual dysfunction which affect different aspects of a woman's experience before, during and after sexual activities and intercourse. Clinical trials indicated that the causes of female sexual dysfunction conditions vary depending on each patient's mental, physical and emotional health. Common risk factors related to gynaecological conditions like lichen sclerosis or vulvovaginal atrophy. 

For dyspareunia, anorgasmia and sexual arousal disorder, the common causes relate to poor blood circulation which can occur due to underlying conditions like heart and arterial disease. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder relates to chemical imbalances in the brain which research suggests is caused by emotional stress, an underlying condition or a change of life such as the menopause transition. Although there are various triggers leading to female sexual dysfunction conditions, symptoms are treatable with a course of medication and simple lifestyle changes. 

Some effective strategies women can use to improve sexual health include eating a balanced diet, cutting down on cigarettes and alcohol as well as getting therapy. Doing regular exercise, eating well and building a better understanding of sexual health issues make getting treatment a more straightforward process for women in need of an effective solution. 

How to Cure Female Sexual Dysfunction

Treating female sexual dysfunction conditions is made simple with a course of medication and easy lifestyle changes women can use to overcome the symptoms. It is recommended for women to incorporate a 28 day course of medication along with effective lifestyle strategies recognized to help manage and alleviate one or more of these common conditions.

By following a full treatment plan, women have the opportunity to take one dose of the preferred medication each day to get around the clock relief. A complete treatment plan consists of a scheduled treatment guide used to regulate safe consumption. Along with a scheduled usage guide, incorporating an effective nutrition plan containing foods high in omega 3 acids, folate and citrus helps improve sexual health and function. 

Effective ways of improving blood circulation include doing cardiovascular exercises like jogging, lunges or swimming at least 4 times per week. Research shows that using Kegels and yoga stretches helps restore pelvic muscle function. Drinking 2 litres of water per day helps people not only maintain hydration, it also helps ensure nutrient rich blood circulates to muscles and the brain.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication?

The options available to women experiencing female sexual dysfunction conditions come in two main types which target areas of the body specific to each condition. When treating dyspareunia, female sexual arousal disorder and anorgasmia, there is a selection of sildenafil citrate based medications responsible for improving blood circulation. 

Medications like Lovegra 100 mg or Lovegra oral jelly works to treat 3 of the 4 types of female sexual dysfunction. These types of medication improve blood flow to the genitals to repair damaged pelvic muscles and increase lubrication to help heighten response to stimulation. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder stems from imbalances in the brain causing a reduction in the activity of serotonin. Women suffering from this condition use flibanserin based medications like Addyi to control chemical balance and restore desire towards sexual activity.

Taking female sexual dysfunction medication is a temporary solution which is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Getting enough sleep helps maintain good sexual health by allowing the body to repair and maintain optimal bodily function and performance. Engaging in sexual therapy is an effective strategy that helps women better understand the condition so they can find an effective way to maintain a healthy sex life.

How to Use Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication?

Regardless of what type of female sexual dysfunction medications women use, following the usage instructions is advised. When using sildenafil based medications, taking one dose 15 – 60 minutes before foreplay and intercourse is recommended. Although formulations including jellies, effervescent tablets and chewable gummies do not require water, patients are advised to take a dose with water to ensure effective absorption and consumption. 

For hypoactive sexual desire disorder, women can take flibanserin based medications every day for between 4 weeks – 18 months. When using flibanserin, take one dose at night just before bed with a glass of water. This type of medication works over a longer period so taking one at the same time each night helps ensure lasting relief. Both types of medication can be taken with or without food but patients should avoid high fat options to prevent delays in activation.

To find out more, users can refer to the specific product page for each type of female sexual dysfunction medication which outlines more details about how to use medication effectively. People can also find a reviews section on each product page which highlights information from others about methods they use to get the best experience during treatment.

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How Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication Works

Sildenafil citrated based medications are the most common types of treatment women use because of the way they work to improve blood circulation. Classed under the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors family, sildenafil based medication stops the PDE-5 enzyme from degrading the cyclic guanosine monophosphate chemical. This reaction allows cGMP to expand blood vessels which then elevates the blood levels flowing to the smooth genital tissue. The results of this reaction increase response to stimulation while enhancing vaginal sensitivity and lubrication.

Although the full mechanism of action is not fully known, research suggests that flibanserin acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor which works to readjust the balance between serotonin and dopamine. This medication functions to lower serotonin levels and intern increasing dopamine activity in the post-synaptic cleft of the brain. Flibanserin is a highly regarded medication women use to restore their sex drive to enjoy a healthier sex life and experiences.

Lifestyle choices can make or break the success of treatment so utilizing some effective changes to a daily routine can help women overcome female sexual dysfunction issues. Effective body and soul techniques like meditation and massage therapy are known to assist with healthy circulation.

How Long Does Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication Last?

The average duration of effects depends on the type of female sexual dysfunction medication used. Depending on the formulation, sildenafil based medications generally start working within 15 – 60 minutes and are most effective for the first 4 – 6 hours. After this, sildenafil continues working at a slightly lower potency that lasts for up to 24 hours. The effects of sildenafil help women alleviate symptoms in a fast and effective way when taken responsibly.

Flibanserin based medications work differently and take at 4 least weeks depending on the severity of symptoms. taking one dose each night over this period gives the body time to adjust to the medication and settle in the body. Once the active ingredients are in full effect, patients can maintain consistent relief for up to 18 months. 

Regardless of what type of female sexual dysfunction medication women use, they are strongly advised to only take one dose per 24 hours. Taking more than one within 24 hours increased the risks of suffering adverse reactions and should be avoided. If the medication used is ineffective, clear at least 24 hours after consumption before consulting a doctor to find a more fitting solution for the patient's needs.

Can You Buy Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatments Over the Counter?

Yes, women can buy female sexual dysfunction treatments over the counter in reduced dosages in some countries but only sold by prescription. In today's modern age, getting a prescription is time consuming and challenging for most to manage frequently. As well as being difficult to access, the price of these options is expensive and generally only prescribed in low supplies. 

The efforts it takes to get female sexual dysfunction medications over the counter is something most people prefer to avoid. With that being said, the introduction of generic pharmaceuticals and online pharmacies remove the need for prescriptions and paying inflated costs. Women that buy female sexual dysfunction medications online can expect to get effective results without facing large crowds, high costs and appointments.

The selection of female sexual dysfunction medications sold online are readily available at any time and sold without prescriptions. Women have the opportunity to save money when taking advantage of the affordable prices, which are up to ten times less than branded versions. In complete confidentiality, women can find and order female sexual dysfunction medication in a few minutes before waiting as little as 4 days to take delivery.

Why More Women Buy Female Sexual Dysfunction Tablets Online?

More women are choosing to buy female sexual dysfunction tablets online because know they can get what they need without stress. Clients can access what they need from anywhere without trips to the doctor and local chemist. Finding female sexual dysfunction medications online is a step by step process anyone can use to find out each aspect of the medication and services provided.

At our website, we firmly believe everyone should have access to the treatments and accurate information they need to set up a successful treatment plan. To uphold our goal, our service provides private access to high quality prescription free medications and information regarding effective strategies others use to overcome female sexual dysfunction conditions.

Online pharmacies appeal to more women because they can order the medication they need in complete privacy. This motivating factor has helped millions of women get the female sexual dysfunction medication they need without stigma or embarrassment. Whether it is the affordable prices, secure 24/7 access or swift home delivery, it is no wonder why more women choose to buy female sexual dysfunction medications online.

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How to Buy Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication Online?

Now that women can get female sexual dysfunction medications online prescription free, treatment is just a few clicks away. To place an order, click the link at the bottom of this page. Select the female sexual dysfunction medication and quantity you need before going to the checkout. Our bulk buying options allow our customers to buy their medication weekly, monthly or quarterly. Saving more, the more they order. 

At the checkout, provide your delivery address, contact phone number and current email ID. When you have submitted the required information, follow the prompted instructions and make a payment using a VISA, MasterCard or Bitcoin. You will get an email once you have completed the transaction outlining the estimated delivery date, confirmation of payment and the inconspicuous descriptor name highlighted on your statement.

Your purchased items are promptly processed and wrapped discreetly before being dispatched within 24 hours for shipping. We outsource a trusted courier service that delivers within 4 – 7 days in France and 5 – 7 days across the EU. Contact our friendly customer service agents by phone or email if they have any enquiries about their order or any questions they may have.

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